Mourner’s Kaddish

For the eleven months following the death of a parent and on the Yahrzeit, or anniversary of the death, a son is obligated to recite a Kaddish as a source of merit for the soul of the departed for a commentary the parent that already died and descendent to the “lower world”, where sinners are punished after death, from this we learn that one can suffer the anguish of purgatory even while alive. As the Talmud teaches “who ever becomes angry is subjected to all types of Gehinnom”. The flames of frustration, anguish and melancholy are the equivalent of the fire of Gehinnom. Throughout the book of psalms, most references to falling into the “lower world” refer to this type of emotional inferno.

The Kabbalist’s in Jerusalem in the presence of a minyan can recite the mourners Kaddish for a year (only if you can not). And fulfill your Kaddish obligation three times a day for eleven months.

*A Minyan is quorum of ten adult males that must be present during the mourners Kaddish.