About The JKG

The Jerusalem Kabbalist Group

The JKG group of Rabbis was created in 2003, when 5 Kabbalist Rabbis, studying in Jerusalem, united to offer help to many people who require the assistance of practical Kabblah, which provides practical tools for our material world.
This group is anonymous, since the teachings of Kabbalah command its followers to be humble and hidden from public eyes, so that the public will not know that they are Tzadikim (righteous) who practice practical Kabbalah, since if the public shall know it, the Rabbis of the group will not be able to study Kabbalah and the secret teachings quietly, and will not be able to connect to the channels which can flow with God’s bounty and the wisdom of creation found in the teachings of practical Kabbalah.

The JKG Rabbis study most of the day in Jerusalem, in a method manner, which requires the meticulous fulfillment of all the commandments and rulings, together with profound faith, and worship God.

The system of Kabbalah laws is very strict, and does not allow day to day contact with people. The Rabbis must maintain the purity of their eyes and vision. They do not talk much or chat. They fast twice a week and even abstain from talking, and talk only when it is necessary. They retire from conjugal life for most of the year, and in general retire from material life. They live a spiritual life, pray and study 18 hours a day. They communicate with God and with angels and are answered. They are called Kabbalist Tzadikim. They live in Holy Jerusalem, and spend much of their time in the Wailing Wall – a remnant of the Temple which was destroyed 2,000 years ago.

The Jerusalem Kabbalist Group of Rabbis assists many people in praying and requesting God’s help, and they prepare talismans for the Tikkun (correction) of souls returning from past lives. They have a connection with the souls of biblical prophets. Many people were helped by them, and there are many stories of miracles worked by the group’s Rabbis which we cannot reveal, for reasons of privacy. Some of the talismans were used by Moses, Joshua Ben-Nun, Aaron, Miriam, David, Solomon and many kings of Israel. We hope we can be of assistance to you. The money we ask for is not for profit, but only to cover expenses.

We, the Jerusalem Kabbalist Group of Rabbis, try to answer all requests, but some requests may be answered only within 3 or 4 days.

God bless you with peace,

Jerusalem Kabbalist Group Rabbis